The MAFY core ideas

MAFY is a group of cooperating companies with the careful preservation of Hammond organ and the Leslie speakers as our main goal. We repair and refurbish the old equipment professionally and with great care taken to preserve the old while still utilising modern materials and standards as long as they don’t impair the sound, playability and quality of the instruments. So far so good, but we think that what really makes MAFY what it is, are the fundamental ideas that we don’t want to give up or leave behind in the work we do.

We always want to achieve:

  • Predictable results
    An instrument isn’t just obliged to work, it’s obliged to sound as expected as well. We know how to achieve that goal, and we want to – each and every time.
  • Balanced management – in every aspect
    We are convinced that an instrument deserve to be seen as an asset and managed as such. We understand that the value of an instrument isn’t just a matter of economy but also of musical and affectional nature. Each such aspect must be carefully considered when judging any service and maintenance actions. By using our knowledge and experience we want to to help our customers to make decisions that are sustainable in the long run. Sometimes we recommend specific actions and sometimes we disapprove. It all depends on the situation.
  • Quality and engineering seriously taken
    The instruments that we come to care about are often very well built and manufactured with great quality. We work carefully to keep and preserve the quality solutions within the instruments and to see to that the continue to work as expected. When we sometimes stumble into the exceptions, where the original quality wasn’t the best or when less fortunate solutions have sneaked in during the years, we want to meticiously correct the shortcomings. By using technically sustainable solutions of high quality standards we preserve the instrument for the future.
  • Customer security and open agendas
    The single most important thing is that our customers must be able to experience security when dealing with us. We believe that surprised customers easily turn into insecure and sometimes even uneasy customers, that’s why we avoid surprises as much as we can. That’s valid when it comes to actual solutions just as well as costs. As our customers’ equipment of is often quite old, it’s very difficult if not impossible to credibly foretell exactly what has to be done or how much each measure will cost, even though we do what we can to make our estimates as correct as possible. That said, we always inform our customers of any unexpected situations that come up or problems that arise. We want the customer to be an active party in any decisions needed.For short: We will never do anything with the customers equipment that hasn’t been agreed in advance. To lighten things up, we’d like to point out that surprises don’t always mean problems – they every now and then come in positive and happy editions as well!


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