Even though we sell some very fine products of great quality, MAFY isn’t primarily a products vendor.

Our goal is to serve the organ world and of course particularly the Hammond organ world with our expertise and to make the instruments sing and last for a long time. Each product whether it’s aimed at the vintage instruments or is a fresh digital solution should be seen in that context.

We’ve got quality products available for everyday and periodic maintenance of old organs and leslies like oils, some products aimed at better caring for them, like covers, and – last but perhaps not least – some excellent digital products and solutions to complement the original organs as well as possible when that’s the need.

Caring for vintage organs

One product that we sell is our very well-researched Hammond lubrication oil with all the important and critical qualities of the original oil used in the organs. It has been specifically controlled to ensure beyond doubt that it doesn’t clog or dissolve the thin cotton threads distributing the oil into each location in the generator, motor & scanner that are in need of lubrication. We also carry a type of oil with extra low viscosity which may often resolve problems in the tone wheel generator and motor/scanner lubrication system that has occured due to long term missing lubrication (stuck components) and/or past use of badly suited oils.

Another important oil needed by many is the Leslie lubrication oil used to lubricate the motor stacks and the rotating horn in the leslie. This is a somewhat more viscous type of oil while it still flows well enough to spread where it should to lubricate properly. Even this oil has to fulfill certain requirements regarding its cleanness as there are some delicate points in a Leslie where unluckily chosen oil types or oils with improper additives would sooner or later destroy important parts.

Digital organs & accessories

The digital solutions we carry aimed at the Hammond world are based on the quite astonishing HX3 sound engine. It’s a unique sound engine, resembling a Hammond B3 by physical modelling down to the finest details of a tone wheel organ. We haven’t heard anything like it and as far as we’ve heard and seen nobody else has either. It’s just as realistic as an original tonewheel organ in its sound and when we heard it, we realized that from a digital point of view this is what we’ve been waiting for a long, long time. This is the first time we are actually able to say that a digital sound engine delivers a sound good enough to carry the musical heritage from the Hammond instrument!

As representatives for the HX3 solutions in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, we carry the entire series of HX3 products as manufactured by the developer of the HX3 platform, KeyboardPartner.

For complete HX3 organs, we also represent MAG Custom Organs in our markets, providing our customers with a quality digital path from small midi expander modules to full organs.

For the more classically inclined organ world we offer a line of excellent pipe organ midi modules from Mlnařík Organ. The modules are equipped with the Mlnařík Cecilia sound engine and excellent samples deliveringjust beautiful performance.

The digital solutions are beatifully blendable in that an organ built primarily with one engine may be almost seamlessly combined with the other, creating one single workplace for the organist regardless of which organ is actually played.

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