Our main services – the professional care of old Hammond organs & Leslie speakers

The primary business in the MAFY group is professional care, repair and extensive refurbishment of the old tone wheel Hammond organs along with their Leslie companions. We are eager to make the old wonders sing at their best and to make them do so in a safe and sound way. We take pride in professional quality work while preserving the technology from yesteryear as well as is at all possible and in a way that future generations will be happy to continue working with.  We know, of course, that a vintage Hammond represents a significant investment economically but we also know and understand the additional values in terms of musical qualities and aspects of affectional nature and we do care about them all.

During the years we’ve put significant effort into solutions and methods to safely and securely ensure the mechanical, electrical and – not least important – the musical qualities of the instruments. Of course we are, like everybody else, subject to the laws of nature and we are unable to do miracles (even though we sometimes wish we could) and thus are unable to guarantee the future of technical equipment sometimes almost eighty years old. Nevertheless, an instrument fully restored by us should be expected to be at its best and to work and sing for many years to come.

An example of our efforts in improving the conditions organs, leslies and musicians work under, is the MAFY Speakon System

What about obsolete electronic organs?

With quality restorations as our primary service we would like to mention complete rebuilds of organs and keyboards that for one reason or another are not feasible for restoration. The reasons for giving up on an organ may be different from time to time but may be economical (sometimes organs are way too costly to put back to their former condition) or musical (the instrument isn’t much of an instrument, not even if restored properly) and the result is the same – the organ isn’t suitable to be restored.

So, what to do with an organ without a future? If the cabinet, the keyboards and other mechanical parts are in good shape, the answer is: Rebuild it!

We are able to offer very cost-efficient rebuilds using a HX3-based concept suitable for a lot of different organ models. The cost/benefit analysis is an easy one – you can’t possibly find a way to get an instrument of such qualities at a lower price if you own or can find an organ suitable to rebuild.


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